Surveys can be a key component to the timely execution and delivery of a project. We offer a quick turnaround from initial acquisition through to complete build and post site handover. 

  • Pre integration visit 
  • Full site surveys
  • ISAR 

Build & Installations

  • Tower builds, monopole and lattice towers
  • Small certified derrick
  • Steel work installation; including resin fixed poles with pull tests
  • Roof top tray installation 
  • Installation of all telecoms feeders, fibres, antennas, MHAs and RRUs etc.  


  • Facilities management on greenfield sites
  • Site clearance
  • Supervision
  • Full tower inspections
  • Cataloguing existing equipment.

MSA Latchway® Vertical System installer

  • Inspect and maintain vertical latchway fall arrest systems
  • Steel Ladders and Other Structures Lattice Tower
  • Circular Hollow Section (CHS)
  • Clamp around Rail system
  • Monopole and Mono step, T-Spine ladder and system


Removal of redundant antenna equipment and internal transmission equipment. 

  • Lattice towers and monopoles
  • Rooftop antenna, tray and cabins 
  • Extraction back to greenfield, removal of compound fencing etc.


  • T Washing
  • Primer and top coat
  • Spray and hand roll
  • Colour surrounding specific
  • Power washing and abrasive cleaning 

Structural Strengthening

  • Installation of new steel, resin fixing and pull test
  • Installing additional bracings on lattice towers